Practical knowledge, initial list of items covered:


  • Camera handling – How to hold, and adjust controls, on the move
  • Using camera in M mode
  • Changing shutter speed
  • What shutter speed to select and why. Minimum recommendations
  • Changing aperture
  • What aperture to select and why
  • Manually focusing
  • The impact of shutter speed: motion blur, avoiding shake, jumpology
  • Controlling exposure using shutter speed and aperture
  • Lens angle
  • The effect on Depth of Field of aperture, lens angle, point of focus
  • Depth of field blurring and how to control it
  • Why to change ISO
  • Changing ISO
  • The impact of ISO
  • Auto-focus
  • A mode
  • S mode
  • RAW: why to use it and how
  • RAW editing dialogue
  • The significance of resolution. What is DPI?
  • Photoshop basics
  • Creating a contact sheet in Photoshop
  • Histograms and their uses
  • Data bending
  • Flash basics
  • 3 point lighting basics
  • Search / advanced search / reverse image search
  • Composition principles, rules of three
  • Lighting principles
  • Other design principles

Critical Introduction – Ulas YILDIZ – Photography



The idea of people, characters and lifestyle is really interesting and also inspiring. Different feelings, faces stories made me to this project. The idea of “crowd” contains all of these contents and it is like a meeting point of the stories. The aim and the intention of this project is to show how lives intersect with each other and how it gets us into it. It is not just about people, it is about how and where they live, what are they doing to live and how they are struggling to get into good places. One of the intentions is to show the effort of people spending in their lives to survive. Fishermen working in a bad weather show what people can do when they need it or too many buildings next to each other trying to be more beautiful than the others but one of them is higher and significant than others. It is basically life from different perceptions and how we struggle to get better than others.

The distinguishing thing with this project is there are elements from different places around the world. There are different cultures, religions, lifestyles and stories of people. These are the things what makes people different than each other and this is an important point. People from different backgrounds makes varieties for ideas. Meeting with different people from different cultures made this project more interesting and also made me to think more about the world and also the life.

Martin Parr said that when the place you are thinking about changes, the people who lives there is changing as well. The inspiration of this project is going into the same meaning with this ideology. Different people and different place concept is in the most of the photographers work and it is different than other works because there is a story behind that picture.  In addition to this Martin Parr mentioned that he takes pictures of people as how they look like to him. But people have problems how they look like. This was also an important part of this project because when a person sees a camera they start acting and posing. But in a crowd, there are different people and it makes the picture more interesting with people not knowing that you are taking their picture.

In the readings, there was a paragraph about “how to read a photograph” and Roland Barthes said when we get closer to the image and start seeing it in more details, we are realizing the significant differences. Also, his study about ‘Denonative’ and ‘Conotative’ meaning of the photograph helped to shape this project. The idea behind the picture, the basics and the complex parts and the story behind the photographs are getting its idea from his study.

The process was challenging. Finding inspiration from Magnum Photos and finding photographers who did individual work was the hardest part. Because I had my own idea so making connections between them was struggling.

New Idea for Final Project

Amedeo Modigliani


Converting his paintings to pictures. Some photographers got inspired by painters and they used it in their pictures. Modigliani is a painter who works with portraits and he drew different paintings of different people. My idea is to recreate his work with my photography ideas. Here are some of his work which I might connect with my project.










Final Project Ideas


This presentation shows some ideas of the final project.


8 emotions 8 pictures

Life is different for everybody. The things we enjoy, the things we don’t like is different. But the emotions are all same for all people. Every individual feels the same thing in a part of their life.

When you born into this world, it’s the beginning of your death.


1st photograph: Representation of BORN

2nd photograph: Emotions




7th photograph: Emotions

8th photograph: Representation of DEATH

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